Irish copywriter for websites, itegrated marketing, ezines, charity promotions and more.

Join me at my desk for a - Half-day individual persuasive writing course for business people

Here is an opportunity for you to spend a morning with one of Ireland's most successful business marketing writers and develop and improve your persuasive writing and written presentation skills.

Not only will you be encouraged to write under my personal guidance but you will also get a private insight into how professional commercial writers structure their written communications to capture, and hold, their readers attention.

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Have a look at this winner of a Best Business-to-Business Direct Marketing Award

I always love the simplicity of this unique mail campaign which involved mailing out this tiny cup to a carefully selected target group and inviting them to join us for a designer cup of coffee.

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My comprehensive book on Persuasive Direct Marketing

Persuasive Direct Marketing "Here's what you say and how you write it"

Now available from the Oak Tree Press - price €25

If you'd like to talk to me about this book, please contact me directly.

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My Instant Personalized Bedtime Story for Children Website

This is an instant bedtime story web site for busy parents.

You simply key in the name of your child and INSTANTLY you have a lovely selection of my carefully written, original, personalised bedtime stories at your fingertips.

Select the story you like best and within minutes your selected story is delivered to you by email - all ready for you to read to your child.

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Would you like to see one of my 'really low budget' direct marketing campaigns that struck Gold in the IDMA Awards?

Direct marketing campaigns that struck Gold in the IDMA Awards

It was a lively - almost cheeky - little campaign which successfully got a college graduate her first job in a very difficult industry in which to find employment - the Film Industry in Ireland

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My other website is celebrating its 1.5 -million visitor!

This is a super DOWNLOAD A SPEECH website for you to visit if you have a special dinner, an award winning event, a wedding or a special team event coming up soon and you need a speech for this special occasion. All the speeches are written by me, of course. And some of my motivational speeches are well worth looking into. It is also a FUN site for you to visit if you want to find out (Free of charge, of course) what special event happened on this day many years ago. Go on, have a quick look! 

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