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Award Winning Campaign

Award Winning Campaign

Olwyn Kelleghan is a very bright, intelligent honours college graduate. Now, the time has come for Olwyn to get her first job in her chosen career.  Sure she has worked on summers jobs, student jobs, work assignments and projects before. But now that she has graduated she wants to put her foot firmly on the first rung on the ladder to her successful career. In a nutshell, Olwen needs an employer in 'her chosen field' to employ her.

I guess her 'want' list could have been something like this:

  1. Get a job
  2. get one quickly
  3. a job with prospects
  4. a job with a reputable company
  5. a challenging job
  6. a job that will allow me to use my skills

... and so on and so forth.

Number one item on the list is .... Get a job! This is not as easy as you might think, because Olwen's chosen career field is in film production. There are not that many film production companies in Ireland - not many at all! Consequently, there are very few job openings for graduates with Olwyn's experience. So few are there, in fact, that she'll be very lucky indeed if she even gets called for one interview. And she certainly won't get a job if she doesn't get interviews.

Before Olwyn has a snowball's chance in hell of landing that all-important first job in her chosen career, she MUST get an interview. With a little bit of intelligent thinking  and with careful consideration, Olwen changed the number one entry on her 'want' list to: 1 - Get an interview!

Once this strategic change was made, things began to fall into place very quickly. Olwyn's list of wants now began to look something like this:

  1. Get an Interview
  2. even a five minute interview
  3. quickly
  4. with a company that can offer me the right kind of job
  5. with prospects.

Olwyn quickly drew up a list of companies that she would like to get an interview with and she sent them the following 'gem' of a letter. It's an absolute sparkler! Within 24 hours of mailing it, she got her first call for interview. And yes! she landed herself a job too!

Here's Olwyn's letter:



Dear personalised

If you're not convinced by the time you drink this tiny cup of coffee

I'll fly away... honest!

The enclosed cup of coffee is for you! It's small - very small - and the chances are that you'll finish drinking it in far less than five minutes! But that's all the time I need from you.

Because if I don't convince you in five minutes that I could be a valuable addition to your company, I'll fly away... honest!

My name is Olwyn Kelleghan. I'm a twenty two year old honours graduate of the Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design & Technology. And I'm looking for a job. Actually, at this stage, all I'm really looking for is an interview.

Now I could enclose a cv telling you that I have a considerable amount of qualifications and skills to offer your company. But I'm very conscious that, on its own, a cv is little more than a list of successes and experiences written down on paper.

It lacks that vital 3-d element that'll help you to see how I can make a very positive contribution towards the future development and success of your company.

That's why I'd welcome an opportunity to meet you. I'd like to introduce myself to you personally, show you some of my work and tell you just a little bit more about the film, video and design production skills that I can offer you.

My home telephone number is 01-XXX XXX. My mobile number is 087 XXX XXX  and I can be contacted on either of these numbers at any time. Better still, you might prefer to use the enclosed 'Fax Flyer' to let me know when you next have 5-min to spare to meet me during your coffee break!

I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely

     Olwyn Kelleghan (Blue-ink signature)

Olwyn Kelleghan

PS In the meantime, I'll keep practising my flying!

And here's the Fax Sheet that went out with Olwyn's letter

Fax Flyer

To: Olwyn Kelleghan


Phone: 01 XXX XXX
Mobile: 087 XXX XXX

Okay Olwyn - I'm not promising you anything, but let's meet!

Call me on:

 Bring the chocolate biscuits with you!

 Keep in touch Olwyn- send me the: (tick your preference)

coffee pot   sugar bowl     milk jug

... in a month's time to remind me to contact you to arrange an interview with you. 

 Sorry Olwyn -we've no suitable vacancies for a person with your qualifications (and your flying skills!)





Fax This Fax Flyer To Olwyn Kelleghan On


Have you noticed anything about this wonderful letter - it doesn't contain a CV! Most job applicants enclose a cv when they are looking for an interview. But Olwyn deliberately adopted a different strategy approach. And it worked!

Within 24 hours she got her first fax flyer reply saying 'Okay Olwyn, I'm not promising you anything but let's meet.' And, as the days went by she got more. Not surprisingly, many of the fax notices featured little pen-messages saying, in effect: 'Loved your letter' ... 'what a wonderful idea' etc.

Now look carefully at the top right hand corner of Olwyn's letter and you'll see a round table cloth with a cup and saucer and spoon featured on it. This is where Olwyn put both her artistic capabilities and her determination to work. The table cloth and the spoon are beautifully designed by Olwen and overprinted on the top of her letter. But the cup and saucer are real! Yes! What featured at the top of Olwyn's letter was a real miniature china cup and saucer. They are beautiful little miniatures and the cup has been carefully stuck to the saucer and then the combined cup and saucer have been affixed to the letter in their rightful position on the pre-printed tablecloth, exactly beside the pre-printed spoon. The combined cup and saucer protrudes about a centimetre from the letter.

The final touch was a small sachet of instant coffee which was tucked loosely into the fold of the letter, so that it fell out when the letter was opened. This was the coffee to make the tiny cup of coffee that could be drunk in far less than five minutes ... which was all the interview time that Olwyn was looking for.

By simply asking the question: 'What do I want this letter to achieve for me?' Olwyn had identified the strategic platform upon which to create her really great sales letter. Because the more she thought about the question, the more she realised that what she really wanted her letter to achieve for her was an interview ... not a job.

If you'd like me to create an award winning campaign for you or your company you're very welcome to send me a quick email briefly outlining what you have in mind. The moment I hear from you I will contact you by return.

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