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Robert Hayes-McCoy

Half-day individual private tuition course for business people

Persuasive Business Writing - What you say and how you write it.

Your own private one-on-one direct marketing copywriting tuition with Robert

Host: Robert Hayes-McCoy

Course Includes: 

In addition, we'll talk about:

  • The hidden persuaders: words that get extra attention
  • Words you should avoid
  • The best type font for you to use so that more business people will remember what you write ... and more.

One-on-one personal tuition

Let's face it! Most of us learned how to write in school, when the only person we needed to impress was our teacher, who never really had to sell anything, or influence or persuade anybody. Since then we've had to make do in the business world with copying the writing styles of our business colleagues whose writing abilities are often far worse than our own.

Here's an opportunity for you to spend a morning with one of Ireland's most successful business marketing writers and develop and improve your persuasive writing and written presentation skills. Not only will you be encouraged to write under my personal guidance but you will also get a private insight into how professional commercial writers structure their written communications to capture, and hold, their readers' attention.


  • Confidential, individual, one-on-one private writing tuition for business people €650
  • No VAT is charged on training

What they Say ...

"Robert Hayes-McCoy writes great business letters - the kind of letters that people like to receive."-  Murray Raphel, Author and International Conference Speaker

"Congratulations on writing one of the most original and memorable direct mail campaign I have seen in forty years of opening business envelopes." - Stan Rapp, Author: Beyond Maximarketing

"Mr Hayes McCoy's writing has a quality largely ignored by writers, one drawn to my attention by David Oglivy over dinner one evening... charm and character." - Drayton Bird, Author, Commonsense Direct Marketing

ROBERT HAYES-McCOY IS A PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS WRITER, direct marketing consultant and author. He is a founding member of the Irish Direct Marketing Association and his sales letters, Web Copy  and brochures have won numerous national and international awards, in Europe, in America and in Ireland. He has been guest speaker at many international conferences and has organised numerous training modules on business writing for clients both in Ireland and overseas.

For further information about booking your own private tuition course,

Please contact Robert by email at

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