Irish copywriter and editor for websites, integrated marketing campaigns, ezines, brochures and more.

I'd Love To Tell You Some More About Myself and What I Can Do For You

Robert Hayes-McCoy

Here's some background information giving you a quick insight into the various sales writing and marketing awards I've won, articles I've written and so on. (I've simply got to tell you all about them... because if I don't tell you these good things about myself - maybe nobody else will.)

For starters, let me tell you that I'm one of Ireland's leading direct and interactive marketing copywriters. A copywriter is the person who actually writes the persuasive letters, newsletters, Web Sites and brochures and other sales material, that will encourage more readers to respond. It's a very skilful job. My promotional copy, and website copy, is used by some of the top national and international companies, both in Ireland and overseas.

My sales letters and brochures and interactive marketing campaigns have won numerous awards for myself and my clients. These include:

  1. The coveted 'best of America' Echo Award (3 times)
  2. Countless Irish Direct Marketing Association (IDMA) 'best of Ireland' Awards for Excellence
  3. 'Best of Europe' Awards from the European Direct Marketing Association (FEDMA)
  4. The special recognition award for copywriting in Ireland - IDMA
  5. The best of Hungary Award from the Hungarian DM Association 
  6. And a special FEDMA Award for the best low-budget direct mail campaign in Europe. (I'm particularly proud of that last one!)

I've been a member of the adjudication panel for the Best of Europe Awards. You may have seen me up there in front of the big screen presenting some of the awards to the winners. (I was the congenial looking person with the beard and the smile!)

I've been a guest speaker on How you Write Winning Copy for the Web at the FEDMA congress.

I'm a founding member of the original Irish Direct Marketing Association. And I was on the board of the IDMA for many years.

And Yes! My specialist in-company training courses on 'copywriting' and 'direct marketing' are in regular demand.

I'm the author of the book: Persuasive Direct Marketing - what you say and how you write it, published by Oak Tree Press.

I've written & published frequent articles on copywriting and direct marketing, including regular 'The Real McCoy'.

My specialist speech web site is

Okay... I'll stop, I'll stop! By now I guess you've had enough of me talking about myself so why not find out what other people say about me.